Nadia Addabbo Holistic Therapist Energy Healing Eltham



Holistic Counsellor, Crystal Light Bed Therapist and member of meditation Australia. My goal in life is to be present with, learn to accept and not wish away as many moments as possible. People have guided and pushed me throughout my life, and my discovery of who I really am is constantly deepening although it is not always possible, comfortable, easy or doable.



For you, I want to offer a pathway, support and a space to begin to discover who you are. As you take these steps towards discovering self love you will find healing and deeper connections to your surrounds.



Life is happening now, and with loving kindness to ourselves we can learn to make the most of each moment without defining them as good or bad, right or wrong, should or could. Together we will explore and come to understand more about this mindset in co-creation.

Holistic counsellor Crystal Light Bed Therapist & member of meditation Australia a space for healing